Our race bike for 2016 2017

Starting some time in 2013 we decided to build a race bike for the British Historic Racing Club BEARS Series, this section of the Vintage Motorcycle Club runs the competition for British – European – American – Race Series, basically no Japanese bikes

We opted to build a Laverda racer for the Formula 3 class, engines up to 500cc

We bought this Laverda Montjuic Mk2 from a man in Belfast, it turned out to be quite rough and poorly maintained although pretty sound

We knew these bikes from our youth, they were a barely disguised race bike with lights and a horn

We also bought a spare engine and stiffened frame to help with the build, the spare engine was heavily modified already and had all of the modifications that we wanted to do already, it was ready to build with all new internals, every component was new so we used the road bike as the donor for the race project

The Build